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Note: the character is in the military; contains some military-grade swearing. Izramith Ezmi is many things: a member of the feared, all-female Hedron guards, .
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The pompous Regent is hell-bent on finding the person who has killed his court advisor and he has decided the dragon is guilty. The guards comb the city. Nellie can no longer run and hide. She concocts the most daring escape plan ever, but in gathering help to carry it out, she makes discoveries that may change the future of the city. The boy is morose, angry, hellbent on revenge, and incapable of wielding the power he has been given.

But the group of refugees who have fled from the city have bigger concerns. But the boy does something stupid. The wizard knows where he is, he has the whole city eating out of his hands, and Nellie has to come up with a plan to defeat him, because the only other option is death. A group she thinks is a search party shows up, but it consists of large-eyed not-quite people who kill all survivors except Jessica and a long-haired hippie named Brian.

While the pair wrestle their way through the forest in search for help, Jessica becomes ever more suspicious of Brian. Why does he know so much about the world where they have ended up? Why is he so insistent on helping her?

Another man is pleading her not to listen to Brian. Except this man can kill someone with a single look, and he uses his mental powers to order people around. In this utterly strange and dangerous world where people seem to want something from her, who can she trust? On Amazon UK. The characters are full of life and complexity.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It is easy to identify with the peoples and through suspension of disbelief, this world was very real, as are the struggles being faced.

Soldier's Duty

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Or so he thinks. Fallen angels aren't in Hell. But what happens to the children? Another winner from Maya Lassiter. Three people each have a window to the dead—that is, they see ghosts. But when they get together, they learn that enough windows make a doorway. Toby has a problem with drinking.

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Don't want to buy the Bitterwood omnibus just for the prequel? How to start a book, continue it, and finish it without getting bogged down by life, by Greg Miller.

Army dog races into arms of soldier after 3 years apart

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Soldier’s Duty (Return of the Aghyrians Book 3)

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By Renee Reeser Zelnick. Interested in publishing your own book? Another silence. He raised his eyebrows.

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Mikandra hesitated, wondering if when he threw it in the fire it would make any difference to her acceptance. It was just a piece of paper. Despite the antiquated appearance of its official correspondence, the Trader Guild would have everything recorded, saved and backed up many times on the network. They would have this letter flagged as awaiting reply at the Trader Guild office in the city. She held out the letter. Father snatched it from her hand and looked at it in stifling silence.

His face did not betray any emotion. Did he read any Coldi at all?

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  • Because schools and tutors in Miran would rather die than teach the language of the enemy people from Asto, she had spent many nights curled up in the arm chair by the fire in her room, poring over books to teach herself, while listening intently for footsteps on the stairs that might belong to someone unexpectedly entering her room and discovering her secret. The name of her sponsor was written clearly on the page facing him. It gave her a small spot of satisfaction. He got his licence two years ago. Trading is no life for a nice young woman , she had said, and her voice exuded a tone of sadness.

    And Mikandra wanted to shout, But what about you? But she knew how Aunt Amandra had obtained her licence—through a childless uncle—and how much it had cost her, like never being able to marry either within Miran or bring home her long-time, not-so-secret Coldi lover.

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    • Now that she was High Councillor, she did mostly Mirani politics anyway. Likely she had no time for an apprentice. Father had gone red in the face. What were you thinking? Ever since Iztho decided to pull out of a deal with them, single-handedly causing the eviction of the army from Barresh and the resulting two-day war. Single-handedly causing the boycott of Miran by all the entities of gamra. Single-handedly causing us so much hardship. By the same token, he would visit the Andrahar Trading office and have long talks with the brothers as if they were his best friends.

      We made sure that you had a comfortable path for your future. Why fly in the face of everything your family has done for you? So many girls would love to take your place. She hated the hospital and its cold and clammy corridors filled with never-ending tides of misery. But saying those things aloud was Not a Proper Thing to do for a girl. Because Mother was right: many girls would love the opportunity. Because girls were supposed to like caring for sick people and not question the causes of their sickness, because simply caring and being compassionate was in their gentle natures or some other thing like that.

      And not unquestionably Caring for the Unfortunate meant that you were a heartless and mean person. If Father insisted on hearing the obvious stated to his face so that he could get Officially Angry, Mother loved to make her feel guilty. And both of them were still waiting for her reply, her all-pervasive reason that justified the diversion from the path that they had set for her. I want to do something useful for Miran. And that real reason was much deeper than anything she could put into words.

      Hearing the stories of how his father signed huge and important deals.